Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Making culture happen in English language classroom. Barry Tomalin

This article was a little bite strange. Most of the time, they start with few questions and try to answer them. Here I saw thousand of them and no real answer. I guess the purpose was to make us think about the cultural awarness in English class but I got lost pretty quickly.
Maybe because I do not understand the problem from the beginning. I come from france, overthere, we do not wonder what types of cultural components we could use in our classroom, we have 20 centuries of history and culture to talk about minimum. The city I was born, Nice, is 2500 years old: let me tell you that we have culture and history to talk about, even our own language (Nissart). Maybe it is for this reason that I do not get the unease of Canadian about teaching which culture.
I still wonder why Canada want to incorporate the English culture or the European culture in their English classes. To be honest, each countries in Europe are so different, it is a mess already (just look at the European economy and the difference between all the countries). And in addition, you want to incorporate Australian culture, Asian culture, etc...
How about talking about Canadian culture? I know, it sounds stupid but as I recall, it is a country with history. An history made by people from all over the world but with its own. Since I am in this country, I never heard about Canadian history or culture really. What I know, I learned it by myself.
In United States, it is the melting pot, in Canada, it is the multiculturalim. You cannot teach every culture to please everybody, it is simply impossible. Chose Canadian culture!
Immigrants (like me) arrive in this country to bind with another culture than our own. It will not change who we are and where we come from. But it will show us how to evolve in a new country that adopted us. We want to be a part of a culture, an unique culture under a red maple leaf!

screen recorder: mutations

In Science 9 French Immersion, I did a lesson on the mutations that provoke cancer. Here, through screen recorder, I made a quick review of the important points. This can be use on a blog for the class before a quiz or test as well as during the course for a quick reminder.