Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Wordle: Science 9 vocabulary

Here an example of wordle in a Science 9 class French Immersion. I compiled the important words to know of the chapter. The size of each word will show the importance of the word to know and it is a funny way to give to them the vocabulary of the chapter.

Wordle: genes

Podcasting takes lesson. Maya Smart

Podcasting is an excellent idea to use as a teaching tool. It can allow the students to synthezise the content of a class (allowing better understanding) and share it with fellow students in the class and around the world!
Personnaly, I use iTunes university as a tool to relearn things that I partially forgot with the years.
But most of all, it is a portable learning device. Students, after creating it, can take the bus to school and listen to the review of a class or read a book review.
It is a great tool. I spend two hours in the bus everyday and listen to book while in transport;things that may not be able to do otherwise.
Thisisa useful tool that I have the intention to use in a classroom. The chapter activities can be made this way on a specific project like mutation: some will do a review, others will have a discussion about the toxicity of cigarettes and debate, etc...
Also it is not just a new technology to use and another way to do activities but students will be far away more involved in the project than just draw or read a piece they wrote.