Wednesday, 8 August 2012

BOYD. Susan Bearden

This article is interesting, first because I got my bachelor in Melbourne Florida so this city has some nostalgic connotations to me. Second of all, I do think that we have to be alerted about the new technology coming on the market. Sometimes it is hard to follow everything that is out there. Maybe that I am getting old but the first cell phone I ever saw needed a suitcase attached to a phone to make it work! So I have tendency to not think about this device. Furthermore, stupidity, I always think that a phone is made to call people and not taking picture or see assignment on Internet.
It is maybe for this reason I am not excited to let students use their phones in class. Just as an example, in college, in this class, a lot of person uses their computer and do something totally unrelated likefacebook during the class.
It is so easy to be distracted in class and if we give to kid the opportunity to be distracted, I am not sure that it will be in the best interest.
I do agree with the article thu, it seems to be useful to bring your own device to take pictures of the board or the correction of exercises, etc... ButI wonder if they are going to use those pictures to work and not put them on their computer and forget about it. If you make a comparison, when you give paper assignment to kids, most of the time the papers are lost or in a really bad shape. I cannot imagine where the cell cycle picture will end up on?
Yes, I am for the new technologies but we need to be sure that they will be use for working and not tchating and others dispersive behaviors.

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