Thursday, 2 August 2012

Collaborative projects. Peter Skillen

It was an interesting blog. But I would like to make some notations and change about Socrates. It is the only Greek philosopher that did not write a thing not because he dislike the writing and reading part per say. Otherwise, he would never have left his disciple Plato writing everything he said. He thought that teaching about philosophy and life is not a elitist thing (let's not forget that a small percentage of Greek at that time knew how to read and write) and that everybody should have the opportunity to learn from anyone.
Principle that is an excellent introduction for this blog on collaboration. We all know how hard it is to collaborate; we all had to do it and especially during our BEd program where we spent our time in group work. Some like it, some do not. I am in the second part of the equation.
He is right we he said that you can learn far away more from others than by yourself. The only problem would be to be with persons that can be compatible and useful in the obtention of this knowledge! Let's be honest, it's not always the case.
You have two solutions to make collaboration work: find people that are compatible and can work together. Unfortunately, because they are the same, the possibility to learn from each other is restrained. Second will be to form a group of totally different people with different skills and make them work on a blog type where each of them can do a part and share their capacity individually but in a group project. In my opinion, the best way to have the most successful collaboration.
Even if I do not like group work for myself, I do understand the importance and the use of it for the students. We just have to find the best way to make it effective.

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