Thursday, 9 August 2012

Final Presentation

Class: Science 9 French Immersion

Chapter: The meiosis

To start the chapter, here some words that need to be learned and understood. I put them in a wordle to make it more interesting. Also, the size of the words express the importance of some of them.

Wordle: meiose

During the different classes, I am going to use pictures and movie to show how meiosis works. To make those pictures and movie available to the students, I will embeded them in a glogster for all of them to watch again at home.

Finally, at the end of the chapter, I always make a revision session. To make it funnier, I use a jeopardy game that I will do with them in class but also embeded in a blog for them to review before the test.

My Jeopardy Template

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