Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Powerpointless. Ben'sblog

It was an interesting blog with a certain fun to read. Even if I do not not agree completly with his point of view. I do agree, a lot of powertpoint presentation I saw where not that exiting, sometimes pointless or too busy but this tool can be so useful and a big gain of time when well prepared. I went to college too and in Master or PhD degrees, I had to sit in this type of presentation constantly. A lot of them were boring due to simple facts: the slides are too busy and people have tendancy to read them and not develop the ideas in them. In master, I remember my boss telling me that the only writing you should have in a slide is the title and the rest should be an illustration of what you want to explain or prove. And you should never, ever read from the slides! Following this principle, I realized that the powerpoint presentation can be terribly useful. Once you know how to use the slides: create drawings, use pictures and videos while speaking, the use of powerpoint can allow you to develop the skill of teaching in a better way. Of course, we should use it responsably and not in everyday teaching classes.

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